Hello, I'm Sarah Arrow

Back in 2006, I helped my husband  Kevin rescue his transport business with using digital marketing. I had no digital marketing skills or experience that I could use, I had to dig deep and learn it, in some place invent it as what I needed to do had yet to be a "thing". In 2007 I created the 30-Day Blogging Challenge. By 2009 the transport business had a bigger digital footprint than DHL, Fedex, and UPS combined. People tell me blogging doesn't work... And maybe it won't for them. But the 750,000 who have taken the blogging challenge will disagree...

Since 2006 we've trained thousands of students in writing and marketing their business books, creating and launching their online courses, as well as helping them to create ideal client avatars that work, and grow their visibility.

My Favourite Courses...

I love these courses for different reasons. Profitable Information Products was developed in 2015 to combat a lot of bad information around creating an infoproduct, and bringing it to market. So much rubbish advice that gave results that led nowhere. Something had to be done, and this course was the result. I updated it in 2021. Affiliate Marketing from Scratch was another online course that I needed to create to combat negative vibes around being an affiliate. It reminded me of why I became an affiliate, and why it's joyful to help someone achieve their goal with someone else's product - there's enough for all of us! And Marketing Psychology for Beginners... So many entrepreneurs think marketing psychology is using words like spondulix in their copy. It's not about whacking in sensory or emotional words every third sentence, but understanding how we as humans work, and what we respond too. And no, it's not spondulix...

Profitable Information Products

Creating an ebook? digital download? Mini-course? Get it right the first time with this course.

Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Affiliate marketing has gained a bad rep over the years from sleazy marketers out to make a quick buck. This course shares how to make money as an affiliate without selling your soul

Marketing Psychology for Beginners

Marketing Psychology for beginners goes through how to use psychology in your business in a real and ethical way. No pressure. No hard luck, sob stories, just the human connection


What They Say about Me

I would recommend Sarah for any writing or creative work you have. Sarah has the knack of getting to the heart of the problem and then coming up with the stuff dreams are made off. What I mean is, I could only dream of creating such creative content. Our niche is a bit tricky too but Sarah Arrow has a grip on even that. Thank you for the wonderful email series and content. 100% recommend.

Maggie Danesfahani, Consultant

I am really impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience that the Arrows have, they are truly inspirational. Sarah has given me so much useful and practical advice and support which has helped me to make positive steps toward my goal. Their Online Visibility Academy course is giving me the confidence, support, knowledge and skills necessary to move forwards. I highly recommend their course and am so glad I have the opportunity to study with them.

Isabel Davis Glebocki, Author

About me, the person

Sarah Arrow

I'm one of those women who works hard on her marriage. I married my childhood sweetheart, Kevin Arrow, and we're enjoying our happily ever after. We live and work from home, together. Our teenage daughters are National and International Martial Arts champions, and we believe anything is possible with discipline and focus.

We adopted a German Shepherd. She's very vocal. You may hear her on a livestream. 

I read. A lot. On average I read around 5 books a week. I also enjoy binge watching things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother (Ted tells some story...), Grey's Anatomy (Bring back Cristina Yang!) and NCIS (Where's Ziva??).

I'm a Prince fan. I have been since I was 5 years old and heard one of his songs. Grateful to have seen him 3 times live. I like music but I prefer to work in a quiet space with all my thoughts.

Career-wise... I've run pubs, and I've worked with the harder to help getting them back into work. This has given me skills in tenacity, among other things, and means I have many friends from many different backgrounds.

Beneath all of this, I'm still the girl that's happiest when curled up with a book on the sofa, listening to her husband play the keyboard, or dancing in the rain with my daughters.

I identify as an ambivert. 

Content matters. 

You can't change the world without it. 

Business Achievements... So many, such a small space! I live life and business in the fast lane. I have no intention of slowing down for anyone. We get 70 years on this planet if we're lucky, and I intend to live every one of them to the full. 

Listed by Forbes, 3 times

In 2010 I created the  website for women entrepreneurs "birds on the blog". Under my leadership and content strategy it won a slew of awards. It was the biggest website for women in Europe.

Email Marketing

I've built emails lists from scratch to 30,000 people without paying a penny in ads. 

At this point people get triggered and mutter quality over quantity. If you don't have that mindset block, I'm happy to chat listbuilding with you.  

Other things...

I've been recognised as one of the most influential marketing and advertising persons in the UK from places like Brand Republic, The Guardian, Forbes & Onalytica.

I've written and published 14 books on marketing. My goal for 2021 is to update them all.