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Hello, I'm Sarah Arrow. I build websites and help them get found in the search engines. I know from experience the difference being on the front page of the search engines make.  I've done this since 2006 with my husband Kevin. 

I've organised successful local business groups since 2008, with active 20,000 members, plus a successful author community of 65,000 members since 2012.  Over 750,000 people have participated my business blogging challenge since 2007. 

I've been featured in Forbes 3 times (top website for women), The Telegraph, the BBC, the Guardian and many other mainstream media outlets. 

Write what you wish to be known for. 

Talk about what you want to be found for.

Sarah Arrow

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More About Sarah Arrow

I like books a lot. Since 2010 I've published 28 books on marketing topics, and over 150 planners. I like to sit down at my laptop and test everything. When we review things I press the buttons, break things, and sometimes I even read the instructions... I'm very hands on and that's why my sites have become popular. Many people find my friendly conversational style of writing and talking engaging. 

Personal Life: I'm mum to 3 amazing daughters, and two young grand chicks. Happily married to Kevin Arrow, my childhood sweetheart. 

I love books

I love reading. Everything from Sarah J Maas (WYKYK) and James Clavell. 

I read business books and personal development stuff too. I'm a huge fan of Steven Pressfield and highly recommend the War of Art. 

If you want a series to read try Repairman Jack. At some point Amazon are going to turn these amazing books into a series and you'll be able to say you read the books first...


I'm all about the ice. 

We currently support the Nottingham Panthers and Chelmsford Chieftains Ice Hockey Teams. 

I also love watching Ice Skating and dream of the year where Team GB fields ice dancers as magnificent as the Chinese ice dancers.

I've skated on an ice pond in Canada. It was amazing. Fell on my butt so many times.

TV Series

I adore Frasier... I love the sophisticated humour.  I also enjoy sit coms like How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I'm currently enjoying Blue Bloods thanks to Tom Selleck and Bridget Moynahan.


The Shawshank Redemption. The only book to film by Stephen King worth seeing in my not so humble opinion. 

We both love Sci-Fi, and that includes both Stars (Wars and Trek).

And action movies, if it has Arnie in it, we have probably watched it and enjoyed it. 

There's a special place in our hearts for Pixar movies.


We love visiting new places. And my goal is to visit 25 European cities in the next 5 or 6 years.

I also need to go back and visit Africa as I've not been for a while. 

My fave place in the whole world is Vancouver. I visited for the Winter Olympics in 2010 and loved every single moment.

Martial Arts

Kevin and two of my 3 daughters are martial arts champions. They practice Japanese Jujitsu. Kevin and our daughter Kira are black belts, and our youngest is a brown belt. 

They had great fun meeting William Zabka and Martin Kove from Cobra Kai, as well as Hawk and Migel.

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