Over the last few days I've shared a lot of tips around storytelling for your business. Today I want to share with you 10 stories that are relatable. Make a note of the ones that resonate the most with you and turn them into a story for your blog posts or videos,

  1. A young person who struggles to find their passion and purpose in life before eventually finding their calling.
  2. A couple who overcomes challenges in their relationship and grows stronger as a result.
  3. A person who faces a major setback, such as a job loss or illness, and learns valuable lessons through the experience.
  4. A person who learns the value of hard work and determination through their experience in sports or other competitive activities.
  5. A person who learns the importance of self-care and mental health after struggling with burnout or depression.
  6. A person who learns the value of friendship and community through their experience in a support group or other social setting.
  7. A person who learns the importance of forgiveness and letting go of grudges after experiencing conflict in their personal or professional life.
  8. A person who learns the value of taking risks and stepping outside their comfort zone through a new experience or adventure.
  9. A person who learns the value of persistence and perseverance through their experience of achieving a difficult goal.
  10. A person who learns the value of gratitude and positivity through their experience of overcoming adversity.

Sometimes, you don't want a reliable story, you want an inspiring one. Here are 10 stories that inspire others. The great thing about these is you've probably done 2 or 3 on the list already!

  1. A person who overcomes a major obstacle, such as a debilitating illness or injury, and goes on to achieve their goals.
  2. A person who starts a business from scratch and turns it into a successful enterprise.
  3. A person who makes a major life change, such as quitting a toxic job or leaving a bad relationship, finds happiness and fulfilment as a result.
  4. A person who starts a social movement or campaign and makes a positive impact on their community or the world.
  5. A person who turns their passion into a successful career, inspiring others to follow their dreams.
  6. A person who learns a new skill or hobby and finds joy and fulfilment in their newfound ability.
  7. A person who overcomes a fear or phobia and learns the power of facing their fears.
  8. A person who learns the value of team work thanks to their experience in sports or other competitive activities.
  9. A person who learns the importance of learning after experiencing a time without growth.
  10. A person who learns the value of change after a life-altering experience

Good luck with your stories!


Sarah Arrow

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