Imagine this: you're setting out to build your first online business. The excitement is palpable, but so is the apprehension as you face a common hurdle—the cost of necessary tools. Traditionally, launching an online venture meant investing in a myriad of services: a page builder, email marketing software, and much more. The costs add up, often becoming a barrier for many budding entrepreneurs.

Then came

Starting Your Online Business for Free with

Can you really start an online business without spending a penny? With, the answer is a resounding yes! Let me share a quick story…

Emily, a budding entrepreneur passionate about wellness, and happy coaching client of ours. With minimal budget but a wealth of knowledge, she faced a common dilemma—how to transform her passion into a profitable online business without initial investment. Emily is reasonably confident with tools and software, but would just prefer not to have the hassle of learning new skills to get something to work for her. She also didn't want to invest in a slew of tools only to discover they didn't fit together, and she needed to buy Zapier or Pabbly Connect to do what she thinks are the most basic of things! Discovering's free plan was a game-changer for her.

Here's what set apart for Emily:

Unlike typical platforms offering free trials that expire,'s free plan is free forever. This was crucial for Emily, allowing her to start without financial pressure. She utilised the comprehensive tools provided—building her first online course, launching an email marketing campaign, and creating a basic sales funnel. All this was available on the free plan, which is unheard of with other services.

Real Results without Upfront Costs:

The beauty of is in its simplicity and effectiveness. Emily could focus on creating value for her audience without worrying about costs. As her business grew, and only when she reached the limits of the free plan, did she consider upgrading. By this time, her courses were profitable, making the subscription a sensible investment in her expanding business.

Why Stands Out: isn't just about affordability. It excels in several key areas important for online entrepreneurs:

  • Price: Free plan to start, with clear, affordable upgrade options.
  • Alignment: Fits well with any business model, especially for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Features/Benefits: Offers everything from course creation to payment processing.
  • Support: Provides robust customer support and a wealth of educational resources.
  • Scalability: Easily scales with your growing business needs.
  • Customisation/Flexibility: Adapts to your specific business requirements.
  • Integrations: Works seamlessly with other tools, enhancing your business ecosystem.

Emily’s story is not unique. Many entrepreneurs have leveraged to transform their business ideas into reality, starting completely free. This platform offers a rare blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enter the digital marketplace without financial burden.

With, the journey from idea to profit has never been more accessible. If you’re ready to start on your business adventure with zero initial investment, might just be the perfect starting point.

A Comprehensive Review of

To effectively evaluate, we must consider it against several key factors. Here’s a detailed look:

  1. Outstanding Free Plan offers a free plan that genuinely stands out in the crowded market of online tools. This plan is not just a teaser; it's a fully-functional package that doesn't even require a credit card to sign up. Here's a snapshot of what you get:

  • Access to essential tools needed to start your business.
  • No initial costs whatsoever, making it perfect for those testing the waters.

For any marketer, beginner or seasoned, the benefits of signing up are clear. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. And when you're ready to expand your business with more features and higher limits, remains budget-friendly compared to competitors like ClickFunnels and Kartra, which start at around $97/month.

  1. User-Friendly Design is crafted with beginners in mind. The interface is intuitive, incorporating a drag-and-drop page builder that accelerates your page creation process. There's also a slew of shortcodes you can use in your emails, which make it easy to add what you need. Plus, if you utilise’s free certification course, you’ll be navigating the platform like a pro in just a couple of days.

Here's a screenshot, you can see how easy it is!

There are elements on the left of the image, and you can just drag these over into the page design. You can also delete text. If you see the orange box on the screenshot, you'll see the little icons that enable you to save or delete the element.

Systeme email set up


Using their layouts and customising them makes it so much faster to put your funnels together.

  1. Seamless Integrations

One of’s most appealing features is its all-in-one capability. This integration simplifies the tech aspect significantly, reducing the setup time for:

  • Landing pages
  • Email autoresponders
  • Payment systems like PayPal or Stripe

These integrations are a dream come true for beginners who might otherwise struggle with the technical aspects of setting up various online marketing tools.

  1. Comprehensive Business Features’s free plan is packed with features essential for online business success:

  • Sell products and courses
  • Build sales pages and entire sales funnels
  • Implement marketing strategies like A/B testing and email campaigns
  • Manage an affiliate program

The affiliate program is a powerful. If you're a coach, and you want to make more sales of your products do you have an affiliate program? And when I asked on Social Media how many coaches had an affiliate program, there was 1 out of 67 responses. 1 out of 67 coaches actually had an affiliate program! If you don't have an affiliate program and you want to make more sales, then go and get a tool like Thrivecart and add your existing sales pages to it. And if you're a coach just starting out, then grab with both hands. It’s an all-encompassing hub for your online business needs.  Often when there's a free plan they take 10% of your sales to fund your use of the platform. don't take a % of your sales on the free plan. This iss an encouraging reason to try it, see that it works and upgrade. To me, it signifies confidence in their product!

  1. Exceptional Value

Instead of subscribing to multiple services for different needs, offers a holistic solution. From building sales pages with tools like OptimizePress or ThriveThemes to managing emails through Aweber or Mailchimp, replaces them all. This not only saves money but also simplifies operations.

  1. Free File Storage

Forget about external costs for services like Amazon S3 or Dropbox; includes storage capabilities within its platform. This is another way keeps costs down while providing great value. From experience, nothing looks tackier than paying a lot of money for a course to find it's packed with videos on YouTube. This is not only against YouTubes T&Cs, but it fills your content with ads. Being able to store your video content here is amazing.

  1. Scalability grows with your business. Starting is free, and as your business expands, so do the services provides. This means you can scale without needing to switch platforms, which is a major advantage for growing businesses. I also like being able to deploy a ready-made funnel straight into my site! I actually found out about this aspect from Emily. We we talking about delivering something Jeff Walker's PLF style, and actually have this ready to send to your account!

PLF Funnel in systeme

  1. Builds Online Presence

You can create a professional-looking blog directly on, simplifying your online presence and saving you the hassle of dealing with WordPress and plugins. I'm really impressed with the blogging aspect so far, and will have a separate post about blogging with In the mean time, trust me when I say it's worth it.

  1. Stability and Reliability

Unlike many fleeting tools on the market, has established itself as a stable and reliable platform. Its growing popularity is evident, which assures that it’s a dependable choice for your business.

  1. Superb Support and Community

The support at is notable for its responsiveness. The knowledge baser is up to date and I've yet to hit a broken link!  Alongside this, the Facebook group is a vibrant community where users share tips and successes, making it a valuable resource for all users.

While no tool is perfect, offers a remarkable range of features and excellent value, making it a standout option for anyone looking to start or grow their online business.

Addressing the Limitations of

While is a highly versatile tool, it's important to acknowledge that no platform is flawless. Here, we'll explore some of its limitations, but it's worth noting that it remains a highly effective tool for most users.

  • Jack of All Trades, Master of None

The primary challenge with is its generalist approach. It provides a broad range of features, which means that while you can access many tools, each might not be as refined as those found in specialised software.

For instance,’s page builder is competent and allows you to create effective sales pages. However, compared to a specialised tool like Thrive Architect, which focuses solely on page building,'s features might seem somewhat basic. Thrive Architect offers advanced page-building capabilities that does not.

Similarly, includes an email autoresponder, but it might not match the sophistication of services like ConvertKit, which offers extensive segmentation and automation options. ConvertKit is designed specifically for email marketing, whereas is more of an all-rounder.

  • Versatility vs. Specialisation

This generalist nature is akin to a Swiss Army knife; it provides all the basic tools you might need to build and manage an online business effectively. For many users, especially those just starting out or those whose businesses generate up to six figures,’s all-in-one capability offers incredible value and convenience.

However, as your business grows and your needs become more complex, you might find that specialised tools are necessary to achieve the best results in certain areas. is perfect for beginners and businesses looking to minimise initial costs while enjoying a range of functionalities. It allows you to build a solid foundation without significant investment. Once your business is profitable, you can then consider whether specialised tools are needed to refine and expand your operations further.

Considering the Risks of an All-in-One Platform with

Using means integrating various tools from the platform into your marketing strategy. However, this consolidation does come with a potential risk: if the platform experiences downtime, it could temporarily impact your business operations. This is a common risk for any all-in-one platform, whether it's ClickFunnels, Kartra, or LeadsLeap.

Fortunately, is known for its high reliability and instances of downtime are rare. This should offer some reassurance that disruptions, if they occur, are likely to be minimal.

There's an additional consideration for those using to host a blog. To keep your blog active, you must maintain your membership. While remaining a free member suffices, transferring your blog to another host, if desired, can be complex. You would need to engage’s support team to facilitate this process.

Ultimately, using involves a trade-off between independence and convenience. It's a decision each user must make based on their specific needs and circumstances. For many, especially beginners and those on a tight budget, the practicality and ease of use offered by make it an attractive choice. It eliminates the technical complexities often associated with using multiple tools, making it a straightforward, affordable solution.

Choosing to Upgrade Here's what you get:

How much does Systeme cost

What's Next? Discovering the Potential of

The decision seems clear. With a lot of benefits and features offers, why not give it a go? There's no risk involved.

Simply sign up for the free plan and take it for a test drive. Chances are, you'll find the platform so useful that you'll stick with it. makes building an online business straightforward and cost-effective.

Consider investing around $10 to purchase your own domain name from Namecheap. This allows you to add a custom domain to elevate your brand. If you already own a domain and an email address, you can integrate these easily with

Imagine setting up an opt-in funnel, creating sales pages for your products, and growing a list of subscribers, all without monthly fees. That's the kind of setup you can achieve with—it really is unbeatable.

Get started today by creating your free account and begin to build your online business quickly, affordably, and effortlessly.

Get Your FREE Account Here! <<<

Start exploring the possibilities with and see how it transforms your online business strategy.

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