Picture yourself settling down to craft a blog post that will have your readers hanging on to every word. To make that dream a reality, you'll want to steer clear of these seven cardinal sins of blog writing. Fear not—I've got a treasure trove of examples and tips to help you navigate these treacherous waters.

The Sin of Verbosity

Ever clicked on a blog post only to be greeted by a monolithic wall of text? It's like wading through a swamp of verbosity. To avoid this, keep your prose crisp and your paragraphs airy. Use bullet points, subheadings, and even the occasional emoji to make your content more digestible. The aim is a leisurely read, not an endurance test.

The Sin of Shameless Self-Promotion

I once agreed to host a guest post and received a document that was 80% sales pitch and 20% content. It was like being trapped in a lift with a door-to-door salesman. In your blog posts, focus on delivering value and solving your readers' dilemmas. Save the sales talk for your product pages.

The Sin of Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an antiquated SEO tactic that's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. It's the digital equivalent of showing up to a black-tie event in a clown costume. Instead, weave your keywords naturally into your content. Striking the right balance between readability and SEO is key.

The Sin of Being Generic

In the sprawling universe of blogs, originality is your North Star. If your post reads like a carbon copy of a thousand others, why should anyone stick around? Spice up your content with personal anecdotes, unique insights, and yes, a dash of British wit. Your readers will thank you for it.

The Sin of Irrelevance

We all have our quirks and preferences. Your blog should reflect the specific needs and questions of your audience. If you're not tailoring your content to your readers, you might as well be shouting into the void. If you're struggling with this, consider joining our Business Blogging Challenge. The link awaits you at the end of this post.

The Sin of Dullness

Your blog is vying for attention against an army of cat videos and viral memes. To compete, your content must be as compelling as a page-turner and as engaging as a blockbuster film. Use vivid imagery, storytelling techniques, and a sprinkle of drama to keep your readers riveted.

The Sin of Self-Centricity

Here's the golden rule: Your blog is not about you; it's about your readers. When discussing any topic, always frame it in terms of how it benefits them. This creates a deeper connection and shows that you're in tune with their needs.

Before you hit that publish button, give your post a thorough proofreading. Spelling errors and awkward phrasing can tarnish an otherwise brilliant piece. If English isn't your first language, tools like Grammarly can be invaluable.

So, if you've recognised yourself in any of these sins, don't fret. We've all been there, myself included. Consider this your roadmap to redemption in the blogosphere.

Now, armed with this newfound wisdom, go forth and craft blog posts that not only resonate but also captivate. Happy blogging!

Sarah 🌟

P.S. Fancy a challenge? Join our Business Blogging Challenge. If you enjoyed this post, you're going to adore what's coming next. 💖


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