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The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: Crowdsourcing Content From Your Audience

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We've traversed quite the journey, haven't we? From strategy to monetisation, we've delved into the crux of content marketing. Now, let's take a splendid turn towards one of the most engaging and authentic aspects of the field: crowdsourcing content from your audience. How wonderful to think that your readers aren't just passive consumers but active contributors to your content!

The Symphony of Crowdsourcing Content

Imagine your content platform as an orchestra. You're the conductor, certainly, but who plays the music? It's your audience. They're the violinists, the pianists, the drummers, and the flautists. By crowdsourcing content from your audience, you create a symphony that's diverse, vibrant, and, quite frankly, utterly entrancing.

How to Source Content from Your Audience: Let's Compose Together!

Ready to orchestrate this melodious feat? Here are some ingenious ways to crowdsourcing content from your audience:

Ask for Comments on Posts

Ask your readers to share their wisdom and tales in the comments. Don't just nod and smile—reply, engage, and even incorporate their insights into future posts.

Example: A travel blog that invites readers to share their favourite hidden spots and includes these in a monthly curated post.

Run Contests for Content

Roll out the red carpet and offer grand prizes for the best user submissions on topics, such as videos, testimonials, or designs.

Example: A fashion brand that hosts a “Design Your Dress” contest and produces the winning design.

Curate User Social Content

See a social media post about your brand that makes your heart sing? With a courteous nod (i.e., permission), repost it, and give credit where it's due.

Example: A local café that shares customer-posted photos of their breakfast dishes on Instagram.

Invite Guest Posts

Have engaged subscribers who resonate with your brand's voice? Ask them to contribute related blog posts, complete with backlinks and author bios.

Example: A tech blog that invites readers to review the latest gadgets.

Host Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

Ready for a real-time tête-à-tête with your audience? Host AMA sessions on social media or your site.

Example: A celebrity chef hosting a live Q&A on Facebook about her new cookbook.

Poll Your Audience

Democracy in content! Ask for input on topics, titles, strategies, and more, then blend that feedback into your content cocktail.

Example: A fitness trainer who polls followers for the type of workouts they'd like to see next.

Moderate Forums and Groups

Create a cosy niche in social groups and forums where your audience can connect, share, and from where you can glean content ideas.

Example: A gaming company that moderates a community forum, sourcing ideas for game improvements.

Inspiring Examples: Crowdsourcing Content in Action

  • An AMA on Instagram Live about a new product
  • A “Submit Your Story” campaign for heartfelt testimonials
  • Crowdsourced list posts like “Our Community's Top Podcasts”
  • Compilations of user-generated video reviews
  • A weekly Reddit AMA for transparent, delightful conversations

Your Community, Your Content

Crowdsourcing content from your audience isn't just a strategy; it's a celebration of community, a recognition of the multifaceted voices that make your platform alive and thriving.

By engaging with your readers and making them contributors, you build relationships, foster trust, and add a kaleidoscope of perspectives. It's like hosting a garden party where everyone brings a dish, and the feast is richer for it.

So, what's your biggest takeaway from this challenge? How will you start crowdsourcing content from your audience? Share your thoughts, and let's keep this symphony playing on!

Remember, your audience is more than just spectators; they're the musicians in your content orchestra, ready to play a beautiful melody. Now, take the baton and conduct!

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