It might be the weekend, but I'm bursting with excitement as we prepare to explore another month full of abundant blogging opportunities. We're on the brink of August, and I've gathered some refreshing, engaging, and oh-so-savvy ideas to help boost your blog, no matter your industry.

Here we go!

  1. Travel and Tourism Blog: August is a peak time for holidays, so why not share “10 Unmissable Destinations to Visit in August?” Or how about a unique post on “Eco-friendly Travel Tips for the Summer Holiday Season?”. Remember to add in some gorgeous images. There's nothing like golden sands, and turquoise oceans to make us click through and mentally plan our next vacation!
  2. Restaurant/Catering Blog: Offer up a “Seasonal Recipe Series: August Edition.” Highlight fresh ingredients that are at their peak in August. Another unique angle could be, “Exquisite Alfresco Dining Ideas for Summer Evenings.” Here you can add images of couples dining outside for a romantic, bug-repellant candle-lit evening.
  3. Educational Institutions: Schools and colleges are getting ready to reopen. Blog about “Top 10 Back-to-School Tips for Parents” or “How to Ease into the New Academic Year: A Student’s Guide.” Photos of happy students and happy parents makes your reader want to know what tips you're sharing!
  4. Retail/ E-commerce Store: It’s the perfect time to promote summer sales! Craft a post like, “Best End-of-Summer Sale Deals You Can’t Miss!” or “Summer Trend Recap: Fashion Finds of the Season.” And image with the words “summer sale” will catch the eye of your audience.
  5. Fitness and Wellness Industry: How about writing on “Staying Hydrated and Healthy in the Summer Heat?” or “Outdoor Workout Routines for a Refreshing Change.” Images of people looking healthy and refreshed will make us want to click on social media through to the article.
  6. Agriculture/Botany Blogs: A post on “Harvesting and Preserving the Bounty: A Guide for August Gardeners” would work wonders. Or, “August’s Blooming Wonders: Flowers to Look Out for This Month.” With the images here, don't give away what the flowers are… Go for a text image on a colour background.
  7. Art & Craft or DIY Blogs: “DIY Summer Craft Ideas for Kids on Holiday” could keep those little hands busy. Or, a creative “Transform Your Patio with these DIY Ideas for Summer.” Just one image of the activity is enough. Remember you can make a collage Pin on Canva to attract the audience on Pinterest.
  8. Technology/Software Development: A timely article would be, “How Technology Helps Kids Stay Ahead: Back to School Edition.” Alternatively, try “Tech Trends That Made Waves This Summer.” A collage image of tech, smiley, happy kids will look attractive to this audience.
  9. Real Estate: Blog about “Top Tips for Moving House in Summer” or “Why August is a Great Month to Buy Property.” Bright gardens, patios and outdoor living pics will help get your content clicked and shared. Aspirational living examples help inspire your audience.
  10. Non-profit Organizations/Charities: You can write about “How to Support Local Charities During the Summer” or “Unique Summer Fundraising Events and Ideas.” Summer pics and happy volunteers will help you get clicks on social media to your post.

And there you have it, my brilliant bloggers! The sweet month of August holds so much potential for fresh, intriguing content that will resonate with your readers. Let's dive into it with enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to continue making a difference with our words.

As always, remember to keep it authentic, keep it interesting, and most importantly, keep it you.

Happy blogging!

Sarah x

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