The Best Mindset to Approach Traffic Generation

The mindset that you approach traffic generation with is important. A lot of marketers tend to bounce between traffic strategies. For example, they might decide to shoot a few YouTube videos. Then start a blog. Perhaps they’ll dabble in AdWords, FB ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok ads… Then, when nothing works, they go looking for other marketing strategies.

The truth is most traffic strategies take time to build up. For instance, if you start a blog, you shouldn’t expect to get much traffic at all for the first 3-6 months. If you’re starting AdWords, you shouldn’t expect your campaigns to be profitable for several weeks, as you test ads and keywords. Consistency is the secret to all traffic generation techniques.

Try to pick just 1 to 3 strategies to focus on. Work on these strategies until you can genuinely determine whether or not they are working. If they aren’t, then consider moving on to other strategies. Consistency and execution is often more important than the strategy itself.

How to Choose the Best  Traffic Generation Strategy for You

Each post in the website traffic experience, you’ll learn the pros and cons of one strategy, as well ways to execute the strategy. Generally, the strategies you choose come down to your business model. For example, if you have an eCommerce website, you’re probably best served by mastering paid traffic. If you run an informational website, you probably want to get as high in the search engines as you can. We’ll talk about why certain strategies work better for certain businesses, as well as which strategies you should choose for your business.

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Pros & Cons of Traffic Generation Mindset


  • Free organic website traffic!
  • Helps you understand your ideal client
  • Gives you words that people type into search engines
  • Helps you build a website filled with what your audience wants


  • Not an instant result
  • You may not have products / services that match what's being searched for
  • You may not have the skills to create the content
  • Can be costly to outsource but is generally cheaper than advertising


Free organic traffic is a fantastic way to get more website traffic. It involves some learning, and content creating. Done right and it builds your credibility and expertise.

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