Need To Keep Your Website Running Smoothly All Year Round?

Introducing The Website Care Tracker - The Stress-Free Way to Ensure Your Website Is Always in Tip-Top Shape

Hello, esteemed website owners!

You're here because you understand the gravity of having a well-maintained website. But let's be honest, between managing your business, answering client queries, and making your fifth cuppa of the day, who really has time to comb through every inch of their website week in, week out?

Before you know it, your website, that was once the crown jewel of your business, starts showing cracks:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Your outdated plugins become the welcome mat for hackers.
  • Broken links and images: Visitors are left pulling their hair out.
  • Outdated Design: Your website turns from a conversion machine into a digital relic.
  • Legal Conundrums: Outdated policies and disclaimers can land you in hot water.
  • Accessibility Problems: No one likes to turn away customers, but that's what you’re doing when your website isn't accessible to everyone.

Phew, that's a lot to handle, isn't it? But what if I told you that you could manage all of this without breaking a sweat?

Say Hello to the Website Care Tracker!

Designed with care (and a sprinkling of magic), the Website Care Tracker is your one-stop solution for staying abreast of those niggly, easily forgotten website maintenance tasks.

Here’s What’s In Store For You:

  • 52 Weeks of Checklists: Consider this your roadmap for year-long website wellness.
  • Log Sheets: A handy space for jotting down your weekly achievements—oh, how satisfying!
  • Quarterly and Yearly Tune-Up Lists: Because a website, much like a classic British motorcar, needs its periodic tune-ups.
  • Audit Checklists: Think of these as your MOT tests but for security, compliance, design, and accessibility.
  • A Spot For Essentials: Keep track of your website credentials and contacts. You'll never have to go on a wild goose chase for a password again!

The Outcome?

  • Better Security: Keep those hackers at bay.
  • Increased Conversions and Sales: With a modern, updated design, your website will be a sales engine.
  • Improved Visitor Experience: They came, they saw, they stayed!
  • Wider Customer Base: An accessible website brings the world to your doorstep.

Imagine, no more chaotic spreadsheets or forgotten tasks. Just a simple, organised approach to website maintenance. Remember, a neglected website is a ticking time bomb, waiting to drive potential customers away. Why risk it when the solution is right here?

So, what are you waiting for? Give your website the love and care it deserves. Take the first step towards a fuss-free online presence.

Grab your Website Care Tracker today and make website chaos a thing of the past!

Ready for a hassle-free online life? Click below and let’s get cracking!

Website Care Planner FAQs

What Exactly is the Website Care Tracker?

Great question! The Website Care Tracker is your trusty assistant for keeping your website in prime condition. It offers a comprehensive system of checklists, log sheets, and step-by-step guides. In short, it's your go-to for ensuring your website runs smoothly, remains secure, and keeps attracting and retaining customers.

How Will it Benefit Me?

Well, maintaining a website is a bit like gardening. Neglect it, and the weeds take over. The Website Care Tracker will make sure your "digital garden" remains lush. It ensures improved security, higher conversions, an enhanced user experience, and a sigh of relief from legal woes.

What format does it come in? Is it a physical product?

The Website Care Planner is a digital product available for immediate download. This way, you can start caring for your website right away, whether you prefer to print it out or use it digitally.


How do I get started?

Ready to take the plunge? Fabulous! Click the 'I'd love a copy' button on this page, and the Website Care Planner will be all yours in a jiffy. Follow the download instructions, and you'll be on the path to website brilliance before you know it.

Still got questions? Feel free to reach out to us. We're always here to help!

Cheers to embarking on a hassle-free, well-planned business growth journey! 🥂


Is It Complicated to Use?

Absolutely not! The Website Care Tracker is designed to be as easy as making a cup of tea. The checklists are straightforward, the logs are simple to fill out, and the guides are easy to follow. Trust us; you'll get the hang of it faster than you can say 'biscuit.'

Can I share the planner with others?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but the planner is for personal use only. If you've got friends who are struggling with their websites, do be a pal and point them our way!

What Does the 52-Week Checklist Cover?

Ah, the 52-week checklist is the backbone of our tracker. It provides you with a task for each week of the year, focusing on everything from plugin updates to SEO checks. It's your annual planner for website wellness.

Do you offer refunds?

Because our planner is a digital product and offers instant access, we generally can't offer refunds. But if you encounter any issues, please get in touch with us; we're more than happy to help sort things out.

Start this month with your best marketing foot forward. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it!

To flourishing businesses and beyond! 🚀


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