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Website Traffic: Curating a Themed Post

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Whenever you go into your Google Analytics stats, you can see where your traffic is coming from, such as if someone has linked to your domain. This is known as referral traffic.  What do you do when you find someone has linked to you in a post? You share it! 

You can activate this happy sharing moment in others by curating a themed post. 

Curating content from a variety of experts is a great way to showcase your ability to gather good information and resources for your audience. Curation isn’t copying someone else’s content, but instead sharing a snippet with a link back to the original source. Think of this blog post as a collection arranged around a central theme.

For example you wanted to create a post on how people are using a certain tool for social media. You'd go and look for examples and case studies. You'd then put a snippet from each into your post, and then add the link underneath it. 

Make sure you add your own commentary to the curated content. For example, if another niche leader had a great quote and you share it, link back them and give your opinion about the quote and expand on it. The value in a themed post isn't the collection you've curated, but your insights and opinions! 

Pros & Cons of Curating a Themed Post



  • Can take time to find the right content for your theme
  • Not everyone will share

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