Website Traffic: Ensure Your Site is Search Engine Friendly

Website Traffic: Ensure Your Site is Search Engine Friendly

Your website content should relate to the wants, needs and desires of your audience. While visitors will share website posts and other info, search engines can play the most biggest role in your website traffic success story.

Keep them happy by beginning with a quality website theme or template. Poorly coded or outdated themes can do more harm than good. Ensure that your site can be indexed by the search engines. You can find this in the WordPress settings on a WP site, or in the robots.txt file of a non-WP site. 

Ensure your site is fast. Search engines know people are impatient, so the faster your site is the more it will be loved by search engines! This might mean upgrading your hosting and doing other technical things, but it really is worth the investment. 

Add a sitemap, not only is it useful for search engines to find there way around your site but also to understand your site's structure.

Make sure you have your website legalities in place. Yes, people find pop-ups annoying but the cookie consents are their to protect them, along with other things you need for your website to be legal.

Write content that people actually want, so that means doing some research and getting to know your audience! A little keyword research can go a long way to ensure that your website is full of the things your audience craves!

Pros & Cons of Ensuring Your Site is Search Engine Friendly


  • Some technical elements can be outsourced
  • It can improve your position in the search engines
  • More visitors to your site


  • Some technical elements can be outsourced
  • You might need to invest in the templates for legal policies etc
  • You might need a new theme or tools to get you up to scratch


Whilst everyone likes to think they're search engine ready, often they're not. And it's the little things like policies, consent and sitemaps that trip you up.

Additional Resources:

  • Legal Bundle of policies (I HIGHLY recommend these). They're created by a business lawyer who blogs, so they know ALL the pitfalls you face
  • Blazingly Fast Websites
  • Thrive Themes. If you are on WordPress I highly recommend Thrive Themes, it's what this site is built on and it's easy to work with.

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