A good way to increase traffic to your blog is to do some interviews. This can work whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee. Let's talk about it and see why this could bring in more traffic.

Interviews are, by nature, interesting, especially if it's on a topic you want to find out more about. For example, if you want to learn more about eating healthier, and you find a blog post that contains an interview with a natural foods expert, you're likely to read or listen to it. We like to hear from experts and interviews allow us to do that.

When setting up interviews, seek out people who are experts in your field. An expert can merely be someone who has more knowledge than your audience, but the bigger the name, the more exposure and traffic you will see.

Present a list of questions to the interviewee so that they can be prepared on the topics that you will be discussing. Offer them the option to add/delete any questions they want to.

By offering them a link back to their website and exposure to your market, the person being interviewed will find it beneficial, and many times will agree to your request. In turn, many times they will share about the interview with their readers and subscribers. It builds their credibility when they do an interview, so they will most likely tell others about it. That will bring some of those people to your blog to read the interview. That way, you both benefit.

On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to be interviewed, do it! Again, it builds up your “expert status” plus gives you exposure to a whole new audience of people. You may need to start out being interviewed on a blog with a smaller following, but it's good practice and can prepare you when the bigger opportunities come knocking on your door.

Ask for a list of questions that will be asked so you can be ready with well-thought-out answers. You want to come across as knowledgeable and relaxed, and being prepared always helps with that.

Make the most of any interviews you either give or conduct with someone else. Post a link to the interview on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media sites you are involved with. Tell your subscribers and your blog readers in advance. Get the word out as much as you can for maximum traffic

Pros & Cons of This Method


  • People love interviews
  • Text interviews can be very quick
  • PR companies can help you with the interviews
  • Helps you build a website filled with what your audience wants


  • You might have to spend a lot of time asking the right people
  • You will do a lot of chasing


Interviews not only bring in a heap of website traffic, but you have credibility by association.

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