Website Traffic Get More From Facebook

But you have to use Facebook the right way. You have three places to share information – from your profile, page or group.

Using Your Facebook Profile

  • Ensure you have a lead magnet mock-up as your Facebook profile cover.
  • Add a detailed description and a link to subscribe to the cover image
  • In the about section make sure you add your website address
  • Add a recognisable photo of you as your profile photo

Using Your Facebook Page

  • Ensure you have a mock up of your Low Ticket Offer or Tripwire as your cover image
  • Add a detailed description, using your keyphrases and a link to your sales page
  • Add your profile photo and don't just use your logo on its own

Using Your Facebook Group

I'm all for owning your own FB community. If you rely on someone else's group you risk your business if they change the rules on promotion. If you share content from your website, you can optimise it for social sharing.

Other Ways You Can Gain Traffic From Facebook

You also have several ways you can share information and send people back to your site. For example, you can use text or video, you can go live or share an infographic branded with your URL. With the introduction of Facebook Reels there's also opportunities there.

Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are also a great way to gain traffic from Facebook. You will need a Facebook page with a certain number of “likes” in order to advertise. All the time you advertise, you'll get traffic. Stop paying and your traffic stops. I highly recommend you take some training to avoid wasting money

Pros & Cons of This Facebook for Website Traffic


  • Facebook is where a lot of people spend time
  • Owning your group helps protect your opportunities
  • Ads are a powerful way to send traffic to your website
  • Optimised profiles will help increase your website traffic


  • Facebook can be a distraction!
  • It takes time and energy to run a successful group
  • Ads can be expensive if you don't know what you're doing
  • Everyone hates the Algorithms except Facebook – so get used to them!


Facebook can be a great place for business and sending traffic back to your website if you optimise your pages and profiles and post regularly.

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