Website Traffic: Instagram Link In Bio Should Be A Page On Your Website

The website traffic you get from Instagram can be impressive if you know how to use the social site to your advantage. Instagram is a site based on pictures and videos, so it’s not as much text-based, except for the description area.

You can brand your images with URLs, but typically, you’ll have a link in your profile bio area to remind people to check for more information. For example, if you’re making an Instagram post about weight loss, you can tell people to click on the link in your bio to download a free meal plan, which could be your lead magnet.

There are tools that host your links for your bio, but why send your traffic to someone else's website?

Create your own “Instagram Links” page on your website. Not only is it easier and more convenient to edit, it's on brand and you can add your Meta pixel to follow up with your visitors.

Things you can Include on Your Instagram Links Page include

  • Your latest blog post or podcast
  • A link to your lead magnet
  • Your best selling product
  • A video introducing yourself and a link to your about page and your work with me page
  • A link to your contact form

If you have WordPress, and Thrive Architect, you can adjust your content settings so your latest post is always at the top of your page.

Pros & Cons of Instagram Link In Bio Page


  • Fast, easy and convenient
  • The traffic goes to your website
  • In-line with your own branding
  • You can use a pagebuilder like Thrive Architect to speed things up
  • Run your latest posts through the page so it's dynamic, attractive and keeps the reader engaged for longer


  • You need your own website to benefit from this
  • Can be hard if you don't know how to create a page and add content
  • Stats are part of your website stats so it may take some sifting
  • You might need to invest in a Pagebuilder


If you can add a blog post to your website, you have the skills to add an Instagram Links Page to your website. Tools like Thrive Architect make it easy to create gorgeous landing pages within minutes.

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