There are some people who go searching for free reports or free PDFs online for a topic they want. Yes adding the word “pdf” to your keyword can send you more website traffic! For example, they might go to Google and type in free book about anxiety or free book about exercise. Why not take advantage of this search term to bring in free website traffic to your own site?

You can create a blog post where you’re giving away a free book in PDF format to visitors who come and download it. Inside the book, be sure to link back to your URL or to an opt in page where they can sign up for yet another relevant freebie

Pros & Cons of No Opt-In Books & Guides


  • It's a search term that people often overlook
  • Brings a new audience to you
  • If you blog, you have content that you can expand and create the free book with
  • You can use the Meta Pixel to keep in touch with your audience after download
  • Can bring new links to your site
  • Can be used for affiliate marketing
  • Frees your list from freebie-seekers


  • Some people get uncomfortable giving away something without opt-in
  • It takes time to put the content together
  • Can impact your email list growth
  • Can become complex to follow up and support your community
  • Be careful with your links – you don't want to come across spammy
  • Can take a little time to put together


Website traffic can be gained by sharing free books on topics that your audience will love. You can include links to your email list and products for those who want to continue working with you.

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