Website Traffic: Remember Your Email List

Website Traffic: Remember Your Email List

You may have forgotten one obvious group to deliver traffic to your site – your email list subscribers! Many website owners get people on their list and just sell-sell-sell to them but you can also send them links to your blog posts.

 Whenever someone is a subscriber they've made a commitment to see more of your content, they want to be notified of interesting posts you make so they can absorb the information, bookmark it and share it with others, too.

By emailing your blog content to your subscribers you not only get more traffic to your website, but you also continue to build better relationships with them. 

We're all on email lists where the owners idea of value is to send offer after offer after offer until you buy or unsubscribe...

But email marketing doesn't have to be that way

Blog posts can be used to nurture your email subscribers and help them make more impactful decisions. 

Blog posts can show your audience what not to do, they can be case studies where the reader can visualise working with you, and they can be tips to help them grow. The choice is yours.

About the Author Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Sarah & Kevin Arrow have worked in digital marketing since 2006. They share their thoughts and tips here on this site. They'd love to help you become more visible. Book in a call or ping us a message - we're waiting to hear from you!

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