Leveraging YouTube for website traffic involves a clever, interactive strategy. Essentially, you engage with existing content by creating a response post.

For example, if you're in the fitness industry and someone posts a video on the risks of carbohydrates, you can craft a post highlighting the benefits of carbs. This approach isn't just about disagreement; you can also concur with their viewpoints, adding your own insights to enrich the conversation.

The key is to participate thoughtfully in the discussion. Start by leaving a succinct comment under their video, directing viewers to your full post for more in-depth information. Always ensure you give proper credit to the original content creator. This respectful acknowledgement often leads to a reciprocal response, drawing their audience to your site. Such interactions can blossom into online friendships, joint ventures, and various collaborations, fostering a mutually beneficial digital relationship.

Pros & Cons of This Method of Website Traffic:



  • Can take a few attempts to get it right
  • Can be hard to find the right content at the right time


The key to getting this right is to select a rising star. If you do this with a big name, they'll ignore you. This happens to them all the time and they're too busy to respond. You might get lucky, but the odds are in your favour when you select a rising star.


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