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Website Traffic: Review Hot Products

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Website Traffic: Review Hot Products

Product reviews generate traffic because consumers want to make sure that what they’re considering spending money on is a wise investment. They're looking for people who understand them and their needs, and who will help them make a buying decision. If you can choose some bestselling items to weave into your blog content, you’ll see more interest in it. And if you do it well, then they'll join your audience as a raving fan! 

The key to reviewing hot products is time. You need the time to understand what your audience needs, why they need it, and what happens if they don't get what they want!

Consider learning various ways to angle your product reviews so that it stands out from other affiliates. This can include things like...

  • A video of you using the product
  • Photos of the product in action
  • Case-use study
  • Interviews with others that use the product
  • Q&A with the creator

 Then give comprehensive, in-depth reviews that make people share your review content with others.

You also want to stay abreast of pre-release information for products in your niche and have your product review detailing features and specifications ready before your competitors publish it. Often, the companies you chose to affiliate for will give you lots of information so you can write your reviews.

The best reviews are generally for the products and services you've already invested in. Because you've taken that step, you can dig deeper than other reviewers. It means you know the sticky areas and the things to rave about. When you have a product review that covers all aspect of the product, you gain trust with your audience. Your willingness to talk about all the angles of the product helps you stand out.

Pros & Cons of This Method


  • Establishes trust with your audience
  • The content fits your audience better
  • Remember to use "review" in your headline so you're found
  • Can add an additional revenue stream


  • It takes time to go the extra mile
  • When starting out it can be expensive to invest in the products
  • You may feel reluctance to mention the awkward things if you feel it could impact your earning potential


Product reviews, when done well, bring a lot of traffic to your website. The secret to success with them is to choose products that fit your audience, and not just the things you like!

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