Have you ever found out that someone said something good about you, so you told others about it? That’s what happens when you share something good about a slightly bigger. They’re grateful for the kind words, and to showcase their prominence in the niche, they tell their subscribers and followers about your post.

The key to generating traffic with this method is to find someone who you truly respect and admire who is a slightly bigger than you and has an identical audience to the one you want visiting your website.

Make sure you send a link to them with a kind note. But don’t ask them to tell their readers about it. Allow that to happen naturally, and don’t get upset if they choose not to share. You've still shared something good with your audience, and that's the most important thing here.

What not to do…

Choose a significantly bigger brand. When you do this, you're joining a million other voices clamouring for attention. It's a lottery as to whether your great content is going to be shared by them.

Pros & Cons of This Method


  • Often wins you new friends online
  • Can be reciprocal
  • Can be good for SEO
  • Is a nice thing to do


  • Can't think of any


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Sarah and Kevin Arrow have been in the thick of the online marketing world since 2006, and they're buzzing to share their know-how right here with you! If you're keen to get noticed, they're the experts you'll want to talk to. Why not schedule a call or send them a quick message? They're all ears and can't wait to hear from you!

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