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Website Traffic: Share Teasers on Tik-Tok

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In the past, TikTok has typically been known as a tween site for dancing and lip-syncing. But that was before it grew to an enormous user base of all ages, in fact 2 billion people a month log into Tik-Tok to watch the videos. People are creating content about gardening, finances, relationships, health and more. And as this content gets viewed it drives up sales!

You can drive traffic to your site without having to sit down and record 30-minute videos. TikTok videos are short, and the shorter the better sometimes. You can land on peoples’ for you page with a video of 60 seconds or less, and it has a good chance of going viral if you’re informative or entertaining. Real life stories are incredibly popular on Tik Tok and often make the pages of national newspapers.

  • One of the things you really want to happen when you provide video content to your TikTok audience is that they comment, like and engage with it. Remember your calls to action
  • Look at what other businesses and brands are doing, what types of people are interacting with their content, and the types of content that gets the most engagement. Start to build a list of audience traits and ideas for content.
  • When you share content on TikTok, it should be relevant to your audience and should be directed toward them. When that happens, TikTok will show you content to more people.
  • Test colours, images, and visual elements to perfect them. Most people are going to stop and watch a video clip if it first catches their attention.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your videos to increase discoverability on TikTok and increase the number of views and subscribers you gain.
  • Choose trending audio for your TikTok video teasers

Pros & Cons of Tik Tok Video Teasers


  • Can go viral very quickly
  • The Tik Tok audience are action takers
  • You're on camera
  • Incredible Brand awareness


  • Can take time to get it right
  • You must ensure your website content is ready, as your Tik Tok audience won't wait
  • You're on camera


Tik Tok is for everyone who has content to share. You are not restricted by algorithms, but by your ability to communicate with your audience. You don't have to dance or lip-sync, you do have to be your relaxed natural self.

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