Sharing teaser content on TikTok is a strategic way to drive traffic to your website. TikTok's immense popularity and engaging format make it ideal for capturing attention quickly. By posting short, compelling snippets of your content, you pique the viewer's curiosity.

These teasers should act as appetisers, giving just enough taste to leave the audience craving more. This method is effective because it leverages TikTok's strengths – its vast reach and the audience's appetite for quick, visually engaging content – to draw users to your more detailed offerings on your website.

When creating TikTok teasers, the content should be both intriguing and representative of your broader work. For example, if your website specialises in cooking tutorials, a TikTok post could show a captivating 15-second clip of a unique recipe in progress, ending just before the final reveal.

For a fitness website, a brief demonstration of an unusual exercise or a quick fitness tip can generate interest. The key is to make these clips engaging and informative, yet incomplete – compelling the viewer to visit your website for the full experience.

Remember, the goal is to create a seamless journey from TikTok to your site, satisfying the audience's curiosity and deepening their engagement with your content.

Pros & Cons of Tik Tok Video Teasers


  • Can go viral very quickly
  • The Tik Tok audience are action takers
  • You're on camera
  • Incredible Brand awareness


  • Can take time to get it right
  • You must ensure your website content is ready, as your Tik Tok audience won't wait
  • You're on camera


Tik Tok is for everyone who has content to share. You are not restricted by algorithms, but by your ability to communicate with your audience. You don't have to dance or lip-sync, you do have to be your relaxed natural self.

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