Website Traffic: Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Website Traffic: Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Keywords are a great way to bring visitors to your site. When you use keywords in your content, it tells search engines and humans what to expect. Long-tail keywords, which are composed of three or more words, are even easier to rank for than broad, shorter ones.

For example, if you're a food blogger and you create a blog post called "How to make milkshakes" you might find it difficult to get your share of the 6,300 search every month. But if you added Chocolate to the phrase so it becomes "How to make chocolate milkshakes" you have a more specific key phrase. Keyphrases that are specific like this have lower search numbers (900 a month for Chocolate Milkshakes compared to 6,300 for milkshakes) and the more specific someone is, the more likely they are to become a buyer. 

These longtail keyphrases can be used to bring in a steady stream of website visitors looking at your products and services.

You'll need to conduct some research into long-tail keywords for your niche topics and weave those into your blog posts.  Be careful to use one longtail keyword for your piece of content. Don't try and add 2 or 3 to a post or it gets spammy and unreadable. You want to ensure whatever content you create is readable to human beings.

Pros & Cons of Longtail Keyphrases


  • Easier to get ranked in the search engines
  • More likely to be buyers
  • More shareable


  • Lower search numbers
  • Takes some creative thought
  • Can get spammy if you're not careful


Longtail keywords, or keyphrases, are a great way to grow your traffic without have to fight off lots of competition. By ensuring your content is informative and readable for humans the search engines will get to know and love you.

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