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Website Traffic: Use Pinterest & Images to Grow Your Audience

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Website Traffic: Use Pinterest & Images to Grow Your Audience

Pinterest has grown into a powerhouse for traffic generation. Many consumers use it to pin ideas they find useful to boards where others can access them and visit the links to the information they’ve shared.

Imagine for a moment you want a new bathroom. You're not quite ready to make a purchase, but you want to put all your ideas and inspiration in one place. You create a bathrooms board on Pinterest. Here you add all the bathtubs, decor and bits and pieces to this board. Images you've 

  • Found in magazines online
  • got from your favourite bathroom designers
  • From blog posts that you like

You put all your bathroom images in one place so that you can share them with your partner, friends and family when you are ready to buy.

But you're not the only person who can see your boards. Unless you make the boards private, other people can see your bathroom board. And if they like some of the things you've pinned, then they'll pin them too.

Pinterest users don't just collect pretty images, they curate useful information and put it into collections. They click the images and visit the websites. 

You want to create eye-catching, vertical pins to put on Pinterest and consider joining groups (also known as Tribes) where people share one another’s pins to help everyone get more exposure.

Pros & Cons of Pinterest to Grow Your Audience

When you have pinnable images on your website you increase your chances of Pinterest traffic to your website


  • Quality, targeted website traffic
  • Appeals strongly to women
  • Pinterest users are more likely to buy than users of any other social media platform
  • Pinterest boards are often found in the search engines


  • It takes time to research and create pins
  • You have to interact on the platform to get the best use from it


Pinterest is a site where it's worthwhile to learn how to use it, and become part of the community. Your boards can send you back amazing amounts of traffic to your website. You'll gain not just visitors to your website, but subscribers and new contacts.

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