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Website Traffic: Use YouTube to Send You Visitors

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Website Traffic: Use YouTube to Send You Visitors

Many people don’t think of YouTube as a search engine, but many people, when they want answers, head straight there to watch a video. I discovered this first hand when my daughter had a wobbly tooth. She was finding videos on YouTube to find out how to get her tooth out so the tooth fairy could come early! 

The great thing about YouTube is that you can find step by step videos that will walk you through a complex task or entertain you.

And if other people do it, there's nothing to stop you doing it too! You want to create and publish videos on your YouTube channel to send targeted traffic to your website. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a steady hand to start and as you get into it you can add in other tools.

When you've uploaded your video to YouTube you add in a description. In this description you add links back to your website. It works best when your links are related to the video content. 

You can embed these videos on your blog, allow others to embed it on theirs, and share the links to them on social media platforms so they can watch it right in their feed. Whenever you make a YouTube video, be sure to brand it with your URL both visually and verbally in both the intro and outro. 

YouTube videos are a powerful way to send visitors back to your website. Research indicates that video content builds trust quicker. I believe its because people can see you, hear your voice and get a feel who you are.


  • Free website traffic
  • Can be a lot of fun to create
  • Builds connection with your audience faster
  • You can create content with your Smartphone


  • Can take time to get used to being on camera
  • Have to watch yourself which can feel uncomfortable
  • You need great audio and good lighting, so there's an investment needed


YouTube videos are a great way to send viewers back to your website to find out more about you and what you do.

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