Why Content is More than Words 

When it comes to content on your website, many people think that having a few decent blog posts to attract people to the website is enough. While these are very important, there is a lot more to content and its purpose is far greater than just providing people with an interesting read. So why does your content matter?

For Your SEO Rankings

While it’s nice to provide your current customers with interesting articles to read, when running a business it’s also vital to get new customers, and having good content on your website will help new and potential customers find you then your content can help them to do this. By including ‘keywords’ in your blogs and web pages and phrases that potential customers would search for, you will increase your chances of them finding you. It’s also important to make this content relevant and of high quality. There is always angles to be written about too no matter what industry you’re in. Take for example these logistics consultants who feature articles on the latest logistics management insights on their website. 

It’s Your First Impression

We all know that first impressions matter and your business is no different. There is so much choice out there now, with the internet, your business doesn’t need to be a local one just serving those in your area and when a customer comes to deciding whether they’ll go with your or your competition this decision heavily relies on your website and just images won’t cut it. The content on your website needs to show that you are reliable, knowledgeable, and unique. 

It helps you understand your audience

It’s not just about what your content does for others by informing and educating them, but it’s about what you get back from it. When you monitor the analytics of your content you can find very valuable insights. It can reveal a “user conversion path,” which is the typical journey a visitor will go on when visiting your website, and can also show specific pain points your customers might be having.

It educates your customers

When people are searching for a product or service to use, most of them nowadays conduct online research before they make a decision. If you include the answers to their questions on your website, then you’re not only going to help your customers find out everything they need to know but you’ll also give yourself a better chance of them choosing you. 

It shows your authority

Your website is your space to do what you want with and it’s wasted if you leave it blank. Use it to show people that you are an expert in your industry, that you know what you’re doing, and know what you’re talking about.

Kevin and Sarah Arrow founded the Online Visibility Academy in 2015 to help busy business owners upskill in digital marketing, and have a distraction free development space. They train individuals and team members on marketing skills that get results! 

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