Let's delve into the interactive and vibrant world of your WordPress blog's discussion settings. These settings play a crucial role in shaping how readers interact with your blog and leave comments. Shall we get started?

Default Post Settings

Your blog is all about connections and sharing, right? Well, these three default options help you do just that, with other blogs and your readers:

  1. Attempting to Notify Linked Blogs:
    • What does it do? If checked, WordPress will send a friendly ‘hello' to other websites when you link to them in your posts.
    • Why bother? It's all about acknowledging and spreading the love. It's like giving a virtual nod to the authors of the content you're linking to.
  2. Allowing Link Notifications from Other Blogs (Pingbacks and Trackbacks):
    • What's that? If checked, your blog is all ears, accepting notifications from other blogs that have linked to your content.
    • Why's that good? It's networking made easy. Keep tabs on who's talking about your blog and what they're saying.
  3. Letting People Submit Comments on New Posts:
    • What does it do? If checked, your readers can leave their thoughts and feedback on your blog posts.
    • Why would you want that? Because your blog's community is its heartbeat! Encourage discussions and grow your virtual family.

Remember, these are just the starting points. Feel free to fine-tune them on each individual blog post to suit your style.

Other Comment Settings

Now let's talk about the more nuanced control you have over comments. There are seven key settings here, each with its unique purpose.

  1. Comment Author Must Share Name and Email:
    • Want to make friends? If checked, this option lets you ask your readers for their names and emails before they comment.
    • It's a little bit of formality mixed with personal connection.
  2. Users Must Register to Comment:
    • Want an exclusive club? Check this, and your readers will need to have an account and be logged in to leave their thoughts.
  3. Automatically Close Comments on Older Posts:
    • Want to keep things fresh? This helps you stop spam by closing comments after a set number of days.
  4. Offer a Cookies Opt-In Checkbox for Comment Authors:
    • Curious about privacy? If in doubt, enable this option to comply with privacy laws.
  5. Enable Threaded Comments:
    • Want a conversation? This setting lets comments nest together, making replies easier to follow.
  6. Break Comments into More Reader-Friendly Pages:
    • Have a chatty community? Break those long comment threads into easily digestible pages.
  7. Choose How to Display Comments:
    • Like to set the stage? Decide if newer or older comments take the spotlight at the top of each page.

Email Notifications

Stay in the loop with these email notification options:

  • Anyone Posts a Comment: Stay connected by getting an email for all comments.
  • A Comment Is Held for Moderation: Be on top of things and get emails for comments that need your attention.

Before a Comment Appears

Control the entrance to your blog's comment section:

  • Manual Approval: Check this to be the bouncer of your blog's comment club.
  • Automatic Approval for Repeat Commenters: Make life easy for regulars, allowing previously approved commenters to post without moderation.

Comment Moderation and Blacklist

Tailor your moderation settings and block unwanted commenters using keywords, name, URL, email, or IP address. Control the vibe of your virtual space.


Avatars add personality to your blog! You can use Gravatar.com to show user images, set a maximum rating, and choose a default avatar if the user doesn’t have one.

Building a Community

If you're all about fostering a lively community around your blog, these settings are your toolkit. Managing them well means a spam-free, engaging, and interactive experience for your readers.

In a nutshell, your WordPress discussion settings are like the social coordinator of your blog. Play around with them, get them just right, and watch your community thrive. Any questions? Feel free to drop me a comment. Happy blogging!


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Sarah and Kevin Arrow have been in the thick of the online marketing world since 2006, and they're buzzing to share their know-how right here with you! If you're keen to get noticed, they're the experts you'll want to talk to. Why not schedule a call or send them a quick message? They're all ears and can't wait to hear from you!

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