Plugins for WordPress are additional apps you can install on your WordPress site to extend the capabilities of what WordPress can do. You can download plugins for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory at or you can buy plugins from a variety of different sites including or directly from developers.

When you click on the Plugins link in the administration area of your WordPress site you will see all the plugins installed. This will vary from site to site. This includes all active and inactive plugins.

To view only the active or inactive plugins installed on your WordPress simply click the Active or Inactive link at the top, as shown below.

If you have recently deactivated a plugin another option will appear - Recently Active. This will show all the plugins you deactivated in the last 7 days.

Bulk Actions

If you select one or more plugins on the plugin admin page, you will have the option to use the bulk action dropdown. From this dropdown option, you can choose to activate, deactivate, update, or delete all the plugins you selected at once.

Individual Plugins

For each individual plugin listed on the plugin admin page, you can activate, deactivate, delete, view details, and see the plugin developers’ information. You may see more options depending on the plugin. Some plugins add a settings or documentation link. Also, note that the delete option will only appear once a plugin has been deactivated first. Some examples of what you may see are below.

Clicking on the developer link will take you to the developers’ website for more information. If you click on the View Details link, a pop up will appear displaying all the information WordPress has for the plugin.


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